Oxxford provides a comprehensive range of services supplying its customers with the business applications they require for:


  • append detailed locational and demographic variables to clients' customer database
  • in-depth customer characterization
  • market analysis
  • in-depth, knowledge-based customer prospect databases
  • custom web based and desktop applications for marketing and customer analysis

...all constructed from a core proprietary suite of databases which house information on:


  •  a business’ resource consumption: goods and services, financial instruments, energy, etc.
  • the businesses industry position: growth, financial, environmental, and location risk, etc.
  •  select  information on over 30 million companies within the U.S accessed either remotely or housed within our client’s own database systems.

 There are three fundamental qualities that set us apart from “list selling” companies:


  •  The depth and detail of our information on individual companies (over 170 public, private, and modeled tables comprise Oxxford’s master database of U.S. businesses)
  • Our proprietary predictive and propensity modeling techniques and analytical expertise (developed from over 25 years of customer analysis and marketing experience)
  • Our seasoned staff brings hands-on experience from the energy, telecommunications, financial, and information-based consulting industries for our clients. Oxxford's staff is comprised of industry experienced marketers, data analysts, Ph.D.-level statisticians, mathematicians and computer science professionals.


Our core information database competencies are enhanced by our ability to combine a variety of non-linear analytical techniques - this enables our clients to draw meaningful conclusions from a virtually unlimited array of disparate data elements while Oxxford's staff explains every detail of the database process.


Oxxford UCIS then provides the information to our clients for use “in-house” by their own experienced marketing, business, or operations staff or through Oxxford-developed web-based or desktop applications.


In-House Services


 Customer file append


  • Client’s consumer/residential or commercial customer file is appended with an array, of their choice, of enhanced locational and demographic variables for internal analysis, segmentation, cross selling, strategic planning, and a host of other internally developed applications.

    • Files are encrypted and delivered via secure FTP, DVD or encoded email(s) or other client approved methods.


Prospect database creation


  • Client and Oxxford determine the parameters of the prospect file creation - geography, business type and size, product or service dollar or physical consumption characteristics, etc. (see Oxxford variables) are defined and a prospect database is delivered in any format the client chooses
  •  Custom programs or models can be developed with the client to assure the best use of the data in hand.  Data mining tips and consultation is always encouraged and welcomed by Oxxford's staff.


Remote Access


  •  Web-based access for internal customer analyses or the creation of prospect databases is available through Oxxford’s myriad custom data and analytic platforms.
  •  Customer characterization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer cross-selling applications
  • Customer look-alike determination
  • Prospect database creation
  • Market penetration analysis
  • Prospect marketing cost analysis