360 and 3000 Series Customer and Prospect Tools (Creation and Analysis)


Oxxford’s 360 and 3000 series custom built application platforms are designed around a core product that allows each client the ability to create, alone or with Oxxford personnel, the perfect market sizing, customer market penetration and prospect databases for their use.


Oxxford realized many years ago that one tool couldn’t fit the needs of 1,100 lines of business and we also realized that we couldn’t build 1,100 different types of products that accomplished basically the same task.  Given this challenge, Oxxford personnel built core applications for marketing, sales, and analysis that, with changes to the input variables and selection criteria, based on the client's industry perspective, users in a variety of industries could utilize data platforms that normally would be out of reach financially. 


All systems can be loaded with or without our client’s customer data.  Adding their customer information, clients can track penetration, map prospects relative to customers, map market and sales areas, etc.


Without client customer data, clients can quickly and efficiently select prospects either locally, regionally, or nationally – map prospects across a broad set of territories, or perform “drilled down” mapping for sales optimization.


Energy Industry Series (Prospect 360 Utilities)


  • A full-function customer and marketing platform which allows the user to select prospect markets based on individual criteria or multiple criteria combined to drill down to a specific niche prospect.  Energy related variables for users to utilize in their prospect selection include, but are not limited to:
  • Annual energy consumption at the business location and for the business’ total family relationship
  • Detailed ERISA data from both the Long Form and the Short Form 
  • Historic utility service territory – by zip code – for IOU’s, NUGs, MUNIS, and COOPS
  • Energy as a factor in the business’ cost of goods sold
  • Financial health of the industry – local, regional, state, or business


Green variables – a suite of variables identifying businesses that are participating or would more likely participate in “green” energy initiatives; businesses not likely to participate or businesses that “should” or show likelihood to participate in “green” initiatives given more information on the economic benefits of "going green."