• March 2021 Update

    Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019

    Oxxford has developed several financial indicators relating to the financial health of a business relative to its' region or national standing.  The scores more likely indicate the business' future ability to pay rather than being based on the standard "past history" of the company's payments.  The scores are supplemented with Oxxford's proprietary "potential for bankruptcy" scores.


    Oxxford is a partner in the CompanyCreditScores.com web-based credit score and reporting service with D&B and Experian Credit services.

  • March 2021 Update

    Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019

    Oxxford Utility Customer Information Services, LLC., (Oxxford UCISĀ®), has joined Dun and Bradstreet's Data Exchange Program to offer specific financial, insurance, and energy information to D&B's clients. 

    Data includes:

    For banking and financial industries, detailed:

    *predictive and propensity variables for each bank's customer or for non-customer prospecting:


    Cash on Hand

    Long and Short-term debt

    Credit Card, Commercial Loan, Sweep Account probabilities

    And much more


    Insurance Detailed information:

    Over 175 SPECIFIC attributes, including 5-years of time series information on:




    Other weather data

    Detailed information for the business; at the business site (other buedinesses at the address); for the vicinity (businesses within 1/4 mile of the busisness)

    Information to be used to pre-qualify; adjust premiums; keep tabs on business not available anywhere else.


    Energy details:

    Estimated gas and electric consumption

    "Green Score" for each business

    Energy as a factor of cost of goods produced - for each business and industry (both NG and Elec)

    And more

  • Residential and Commercial energy consumption

    Posted: Friday, July 1, 2016

    Oxxford has updated its entire commercial and residential databases with estimated energy consumption, provider service territory, energy usage factors, green scores and more.


    For all business in the U.S., Oxxford provides detailed electricity and natural gas consumption estimates, at the business site level and for the business' total relationship.  These upgrades, along with residential household detail, have been added to the wealth of demographic data that Oxxford holds for the national  marketplace. 


    Every year DTE Energy "grades" their vendors on quality of work, timeliness, flexibility, response time for questions or needs, and adherence to scheduled meetings and departmental calls.  This year, Oxford scored a 100% rating in all of the above and also "maintained 100% quality of work". 


    In addition to detailed selectors on both the business site location and the household's purchasing habits, now a marketer or strategic planner can gain access to the energy consumption characteristics of the consumer - is it a "green" customer, are they targets for energy efficiency or energy optimization upgrades, installs, or retrofitting?  Is the business or residential user more apt to participate in energy programs?  These and more uses of the upgraded data are available with a more detailed conversation with Oxxford personnel.

    Call 410-987-2639 for details.

  • March 2021 Update

    Posted: Friday, March 8, 2013

    Oxxford and Experian Marketing Solutions have developed a strong relationship that has spanned over a decade of mutual learning and residential database development.  This decade of experience allows Oxxford clients the security of knowing that their data and, more important, their customer and prospect decision-making information isn't an overnight marketing and sales call.  Oxxford and Experian personnel have dealt with hundreds of requests from Oxxford's clients that require detailed and intuitive segmentation database outputs for the proposed sales of their products and services and have identified "those variables that provide the most impact". 


    Before green energy variables were available, Oxxford staff had lead in the development of predictive scores that were used by a major mid-west energy company to identify the size of the market for their energy saving products and environmental services; develop the potential sales, by segment; develop a profit matrix for their products; identify the potential future expansion of their "green" initiatives; provide a benchmark for their compliance with both the Federal and State mandated energy savings programs.  It is this intuitive nature that Oxxford brings to the table.


    Oxxford provides these services for both the commercial and the residential clients of all size and type of business. 

  • "Credit Today" article

    Posted: Friday, July 23, 2010

    In a Credit Today article, writer David Schmidt describes Oxxford's new triple credit report service that allows customers to review three business credit scores from one source. Click the link below to view the article.