Customer & Market Intelligence

Customer Intelligence


Perhaps the most important and overlooked aspect of any business is its current customer base. The ever increasing acquisition costs of new customers demands effective, proactive customer retention strategies.  Knowing precisely who your customers are, what they buy from you and others, and where additional sales opportunities exist is crucial to protecting and upgrading your most important business asset – your existing customer base.


Oxxford’s advanced technologies and proprietary analytical techniques enable businesses to examine customers on a variety of unique levels including:


  • Company Life Cycle
  • Specific Product Usage Probability
  • Historic and Future Growth Rates
  • Relative Customer Longevity
  • Profitability
  • Risk – both financial and industry
  • Owner’s Combined Business and Personal Wealth
  • Share of Wallet – by product - Penetration
  • Additional Product Cross-Sell Potential


The results of this type of in-depth customer analysis allow you to prioritize your customer base, identify profitable incremental potential and allocate resources where they will generate the highest return on marketing investment.


Market Intelligence


Assessment of the small business and middle markets in most geographic areas is a significant undertaking due to the scope of these markets and the enormous amount of data which must be examined to evaluate market position and establish effective segmentation strategies.


To overcome these obstacles, Oxxford has developed a consistent approach or “road map” to market and customer analysis consisting of the following elements:


  • Overall Market Size analysis consists of summarizing the number of firms and current product usage and demand by size of firm.
  • New and Emerging Ethnic Purchasing Propensities - predictive scoring - As America's demographic makeup changes, new and intuitive customer analysis is an absolute requirement.
  • Industry Composition analysis includes examining the number of firms and demand for financial products by major industry sector and size of firm.
  • Industry Concentration and Fragmentation analysis identifies the share of product usage and industry commonalities within the major industry groups.
  • Historic and Future Growth Potential analysis determines historically and on the basis of future econometric projections the growth for each product category by major industry sector and size of the firm.
  • Local, Regional, and National Analysis examines differences among geographic areas based on elements of product demand, industry composition, firm size and growth.
  • Life Cycle and Risk are normally the best demand predictors for specific products and services. During the course of this analysis, firms are grouped and examined by industry, region and size of firm to determine overall patterns.