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Oxxford personnel offer the information industry the most comprehensive technical support available.



Over 90 years of combined experience in advanced mathematical model development and computer analytic software allow Oxxford client's unparalleled confidence in the systems and intelligence files created by Oxxford and used by the client every day.

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Risk analysis, from the ground up! Oxxford can identify and segment over 22 million businesses and over 200 million residential locations with both financial and environmental risk indicators.


Only people grow business. Only excellence keeps it. Gaining a client's confidence over the long term is the result of performance, of service, and of offering a superior product . . . ultimately of working together. Everyone at Oxxford takes these beliefs seriously and our mission statement is in our everyday performance:"To deliver consistently high quality in all the services we provide in an innovative and functional manner. To develop and maintain positive, long term relationships with our clients."--To render the highest standards in professionalism and integrity in our industry."

Recent News

  • April 2013 Update

    Thursday, July 7, 2016

    Oxxford UCIS and Dun and Bradstreet now offer select financial, insurance, and energy information through D&Bs Data Exchange program. Contact your D&B rep for further detailed information that will give your business one more advantage over competitors and enhance your cross-selling capabilities.

  • Residential and Commercial energy consumption

    Friday, July 1, 2016

    Oxxford has upgraded their entire commercial and residential files with more specific energy consumption actionable data - at the site or for the entire commercial relationship. Service provider geography; energy usage factors; green scores and more are available for the entire U.S. Oxxford recently attained the "deans list" for vendors providing services to DTE Energy - providing secondary demographic, segmentation, and other services to DTE's customer relationship and analysis groups.

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