Data & Information - Commercial Variables


Locational Data
Name of Business at Location
Name of Contact at Location
Email of Contact (where available)
Mail Address of Business
Site Address – Business Location
Zip Code at Location
Phone Number of Business - validated
Estimated Square Footage
Longitude of Business Location
Latitude of Business Location
Company Data
Parent & Company Name (*Minority/Women Owned - Ethnicity Indicator)
State Location of Parent Company (Cottage Indicator)
Total Number of Locations (Importer/Exporter/Manufacturing Indicator)


Energy Information
Probable Electric Provider
Probable Natural Gas Provider
Estimated kWh consumption at this location
Estimated Therm consumption at this location
Estimated kWh consumption for total business relationship
Estimated Therm consumption for total business relationship
Energy as a Factor of Cost of Goods Produced (energy intensity)
Business Description and Business Area Data
SIC 1, 2, and 3, + with Descriptions
NAICS 1, 2, and 3, + with Descriptions
Best FEIN ID number of company
OTC, NYS, ASE, NMS Trading Symbols and Exchange
Public Filing and UCC Indicators (Suits, Leins, Judgments, UCC Filings Y/N)
Subsidiary Indicator
Status (Business status – partnership, corp, etc.)
Present Lifecycle of Business (static; growth; declining)
Year Business Established
Area Growth Rate
Commercial Variables
Bankruptcy Risk Score
Assets Here
Net Worth At Location
Lines of Credit (PUP Score) Propensity for usage
On-Line Banking (PUP Score)
IT Variables (# of PCs; # of Printers; # of Copiers; Presence of WAN
Sales at Location
Number of Employees at Location
Forecast Revenue Growth
Public or Private Company
Business Risk Data
Bankruptcy Risk Score(Oxxford predictive score as to likelihood of business entering into bankruptcy built on past and forecasted public, private banking, and legal filings)
Experian Intelliscore™ (built from credit tradeline payment, public records, and area demographic data)
Payment Risk (ability to pay bills)
Altman’s A Score (private company financial risk)
Nearness to Geographic risk zones – flood plains, earthquakes zones, landslide zones, etc.
Green Scores
Green Likelihood (PUP Score) * Both Commercial and Residential
Green Fence Sitter (PUP Score) * Both Commercial and Residential
Green Negative (PUP Score) * Both Commercial and Residential
Energy as an economic cost of production
Address Validation
U.S.Postal Service Validation
CASS certification (valid address)
Delivery Point Validation (Business name is at address)


Business and Owner Financial Worth Linkage
Business Valuation Business Owner Home Address & Value
Business Cash Estimate Business Owner Personal Income
Business Debt Business Owner Investment Value
* 12 million linked records  
Consumer New Mover File
Houses for Sale
Houses recently Sold