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Oxxford Utility Customer Information Services, LLC began as a strategic business unit of the Oxxford Information Technology Ltd., (OIT) Corporate family in 1993.  Since 1980, Oxxford IT, has housed one of the industry's largest compiled commercial files for appending to client's customer databases and creating prospect databases. 


Additionally, Oxxford is a  recognized leader in the application of advanced technology and analytical techniques to achieve “practical and actionable information-based solutions” for its client’s marketing initiatives utilizing internal or national commercial and consumer databases (i.e., D&B, Experian, TRW, Compass, Equifax, and Oxxford's proprietary businesses database of over 8 million businesses) .  

Building upon Oxxford IT’s achievements and blending industry-specific know-how and qualifications, Oxxford UCIS personnel provide the business community with the tools needed to survive and prosper in what is and will continue to be a fiercely competitive economic arena.  Oxxford provides products and services to the energy, financial, telecom, and insurance industries.



  • 1993 - Oxxford UCIS is added to the Oxxford IT business family to offer energy-specific database services to the regulated and non-regulated energy marketing and sales sector.
  • Oxxford adds credit scoring along with energy intensity variables (energy as a factor of cost of goods sold) to better pinpoint prospects for energy industry clients.
  • Oxxford UCIS develops electric and natural gas annual consumption estimates for each business and business site in the U.S.
  • Oxxford teams develop a true site database providing business information for businesses within shopping/strip malls, industrial parks, office buildings, etc.
  • Oxxford UCIS branches out from the energy industry market to provide database products and services to the insurance and other industries.
  • Oxxford develops “site-based” risk factors - financial, geographical, and environmental databases accessed via Internet applications.
  • Oxxford UCIS partners with Oxxford IT as a sales outlet for OIT’s new triple credit score product developed by NetBridge© and including credit scores and reports partnering with Dun & Bradstreet and Experian.
  • Oxxford UCIS develops a suite of energy industry variables that, when appended to a utility customer base or used as selectors for prospects for their energy or energy products and services, will enable the client to make more insightful and strategic decisions allowing for increased sales, lower cost of sales, and longer, more dedicated customers.
  • Oxxford UCIS and Oxxford IT team to provide prospect database development through automated Internet applications including, but not limited to, mapping and satellite photo applications.
  • 2010 - Oxxford partners with NetBridge Technologies to create the first "triple credit score" for commercial entities.  Credit scores are provided by Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Oxxford.
  • 2013 - Oxxford expands its relationship with D&B by bringing the D&B national commercial business information in house. 
  • 2013 - Oxxford reaffirms its committment to the residential market by renewing its agreement as a value added supplier/reseller of Experian's 320 million record residential file.